perjantai 28. syyskuuta 2018

We love Christmas! Ornament workshop.

Saturday the 27th of October. From 3 PM to 5 PM 

Join us at UDUMBARA studio and learn to make pottery ornaments utilizing slabs of local wild clay and cookie cutters (you can also bring your stamps, cookie cutter or something you can press to decorate the ornaments)! You can use these non-glazed ornaments as Essential Oil Terra Cotta Diffusers. In UDUMBARA we make sustainable pottery. 
We work with wild, local clay from the small village of Kultela in Somero, Southwestern Finland. The material gives the products a wonderfully rich character and brings a real old time Christmas atmosphere. 
More info and registration form UDUMBARA/holvi  shop: 

We will have limited attendee of 8.
(Osaamme myös suomea, tervetuloa. Vi talar också Svenska, välkommen).

Photos by our lovely ex-assistant Joanna Konarzewski, we miss you!

torstai 27. syyskuuta 2018

Ekologista luksusta, UDUMBARA Studio & Gallery.

Eva Spoof/Udumbara tuotteet, teemaljat, veistokset ja kukkaruukut valmistetaan käsin Someron, Kultelan kylän punasavesta. Materiaali luo astioihin ihanan rehevän maanläheisen luonteen. Tuotteidensa raaka-ainevalinnalla Eva haluaa korostaa ainutlaatuisen kotimaisen villisaven arvoa. Suomalainen savi on lämminhenkinen, kodikas ja ennenkaikkea ekologinen valinta, sillä se ei raaka-aineena vaadi monimutkaista prosessointia ja se poltetaan (Udumbarassa aurinko energialla) matalassa lämpötilassa valmiiksi tuotteeksi. 

Seremonia astioissa villisavi (maa) pääsee ansaitsemaansa ainutlaatuiseen arvoonsa. Kiitos Kultelan saven luonnollisen runsaan mineraalipitoisuuden, tee siinä haudutettuna kehittää rikkaamman maun.

Kuva: Nelli Kivinen

Valokuva Heidi Blåfield

Kuva Nina Skogster. 

Villisavi terrakotta kukkaruukut ovat huokoisija ja siksi mitä parhaita täyttämään kasvien fysiologisiin tarpeet. Lisäksi ne patinoituu kauniisti kun ylimääräinen kosteus ja suolat haihtuvat ruukun seinämän läpi.

Kuva Nina Skogster.

Kun sinulla on Udumbara kulho, se ei ole vain ole Kalliossa käsin tehtyä keramiikkaa, se on myös pala Suomea...
Tervetuloa vierailulle studiolle Kallioon varmista paikallaoloni varaamalla aika täältä: . Kiitos.

Järjestämme  myös erilaisia keramiikkakursseja,  Polttareita, Syntymä/ TYKY - päiviä,  tule tutustumaan kotimaiseen punasaveen ja ekologisempaan keramiikantekoon.
Kurssien pääkieli on englanti, suomen kielellä pärjää
hyvin myös mukana. Lisää tietoa, täältä:

Udumbara Studio & Gallery, Kallio, Kaarlenkatu 15.
 Kuva Kimmo Helistö

Eva Spoof (ent. Sarvela) , Kuva Päivi Kuusela

Eva´s mark

Udumbara pottery studio is powerd by solar energy.


lauantai 22. syyskuuta 2018

"Tyhjä kulho"- Empty Bowls Helsinki 2018

Thank you all for joining us Saturday, September 15at  "Tyhjä kulho" the 2018 Empty Bowls Helsinki at Crypt of the Helsinki Dome.

We are happy to inform that this year we had over 500 guests and they donated 10,800 €  for the  Finnish UNICEF emergency fund, which uses the money to build and renovate wells, water pipes, pumps, and dry toilets, and to teach children in poor countries the basics of hygiene. Work is done in over 90 worst-off countries.

Empty Bowls is a fantastic way for people to get together and for something good. We had so many fantastic artists and restaurants donating their time and work for us, including Helsinki Cathedral, donates us the use of the beautiful Crypt cafe. 
Click here for the list of all the donators.

All the photos are courtesy of Nelli Kivinen,  Thank you so much for documenting our efforts Nelli, ones again! 

Nelli and me, Thank you all!
Mitsuru Sato's beautiful glass bowls are favorite, every year!

Unicef goodwill ambassador Iiro Rantala! 
Marja Riitta Ketola, Secretary General of Finlands Unicef
and Tuula Styrman, Empty Bowls "Primus motor" of Empty Bowls Helsinki
Happy to see Helena, again!

Eija Vilpas, Unicef goodwill ambassador
 was a great MC for our event!

maanantai 10. syyskuuta 2018

Join us for " Empty bowls" - brunch At Crypt of the Helsinki Dome

Empty bowls  - Tyhjä kulho Helsinki 2018 for Unicef.

Empty Bowls Helsinki event is an annual event that takes place at the atmospheric Crypt of the Helsinki Dome. The 2018 Empty Bowls Helsinki takes place on Saturday, September 15.

Empty Bowls is an international grassroots effort to fight hunger. It was started 1990 in Michigan, USA, by art teachers Lisa Blackburn and John Hartom. Empty Bowls is a happy lunch event that is established through donations given by potters and other craftspeople who make beautiful handcrafted bowls, restaurants that donate delicious soups and bread. Musical entertainment is also donated to the event by exceptional artists.

This year we are honored to have (among the many
 other great artists) a mini-concert by Iiro Rantala

In exchange for a cash donation (minimum 25 €) visitors are given a handmade bowl to keep as a reminder of all the empty bowls in the world. In addition, visitors are invited to enjoy a soup lunch and entertainment in the beautiful Crypt of the Helsinki Dome.

You will be served fantastic soups donated by the best restaurant in Helsinki!

Empty Bowls Helsinki’s donations go to the Finnish UNICEF emergency fund, which uses the money to build and renovate wells, water pipes, pumps, and dry toilets, and to teach children in poor countries the basics of hygiene. Work is done in over 90 worst-off countries.

Finland’s first ever Empty Bowls event took place in 2003 in Helsinki. When I gathered a group of friends to arrange the Empty Bowls day as a celebration of my  10-year-anniversary as a ceramic artist at   UDUMBARA
From 2006 on the Empty Bowls Helsinki has been a part of the Helsinki Design Week and since 2015 it has been organized by Tuula Styrman and many volunteers from Unicef Helsinki  

Udumbara donates 100 local clay bowls for the event, this year they where decorated by the artist from Patternsfrom Agency

Welcome to join us for this happy benefit lunch for Unicef, 
Best wishes, Eva

tiistai 4. syyskuuta 2018

(Full) Global meets Local Tea encounters, Suvanne - living tea

Sunday, September 16 at 2 PM – 4 PM
Back to earth tea meditation from 2 pm to 4 pm with Suvanne -living tea. We look forward to sharing peaceful vibes of self-discovery and connection in our tea ceremony in Udumbara ceramic studio.We will sit together and silently enjoy healing tea, sustainably grown in the wild, in small family gardens and plantations free from agrochemicals, in China, Laos or Taiwan.

Since centuries TCM has made use of this tea as a thermoregulator, giving relief from stress and other imbalances. The ceremonial aspect aims to refocus participants’ attention on the present moment, on all the senses and the personal psychophysical state, and this may serve as an introduction to meditation.
We let our thoughts and worries to flow away bowl after bowl…we come back to earth, back to ourselves, re-connect with others and nature.

The Finnish wild clay of Udumbara bowls will accommodate our journey.
Suggestions: We will sit and relax for the duration of the ceremony, so I suggest you wear comfortable clothes.

We can accept a maximum of 9 participants, so SEND A PRIVATE MESSAGE TO REGISTER at 

Price: €20 full price, €15 students and unemployed. (please bring cash).

Part of the Helsinki Design Week, Open Call Sustainability Workshop.

Udumbara Studio & Gallery, Kaarlenkatu 15, Helsinki

maanantai 3. syyskuuta 2018

Global meets Local Tea encounters, Yumi Sugano

Tuesday, September 11 at 6 PM – 8 PM

Japanese tea advisor Yumi Sugano and owner of Zen sushi will introduce Japanese Tea Art and tea sweets in a casual way together with Udumbara wild clay tea bowls.

We can accept a maximum of 9 participants, 

Event price
20 € (please bring cash for Yumi)

Part of the Helsinki Design Week, Open Call Sustainability Workshop.

torstai 30. elokuuta 2018

Global Meets Local Tea Encounters, Open Studio

Photo courtesy of Nord-T.
Helsinki Design Week, Open Call Sustainability workshop.

Come to join us and talk tea at the pottery in Kallio. 

NORD-T will bring you a Finnish forest experience served in Udumbara’s wild clay bowls. ”Autumn” bowls are the first in series designed for NORD-T. This NORD-T series will present 4 different bowls according to season– Autumn, Winter, Spring and Summer.

Udumbara's wild clay from Finland, untreated and fired with eco-energy, strengthens the flavors of natural teas.

Tea will be served at Udumbara Studio & Gallery (Kaarlenkatu 15) on Sunday 16th between 16-18! Welcome!